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Michigan background investigations are very important in many situations. Lakeside Investigations will perform Michigan background investigations for any of these situations. A Michigan background investigation requires looking up information regarding persons past, including public records, commercial records and financial records. In many cases these Michigan background checks are done for employment. Employers do not want to hire someone who has a criminal past or known drug addiction. Saving time and money, Michigan background checks helps high-security positions weed out the bad candidates and hire people who qualify for the job.

Michigan background checks have gained popularity in many other areas as well, such as dating. It is amazing the sense of relief you can gain from a clear background check before dating a potential partner. You can actually find out a persons background history before making a huge relationship commitment. Parents all over are choosing background investigations to help make decisions in nannies, coaches, tutoring and other child-involved activities. Background investigations are useful to many. Not only do they bring self assurance and confidence in choices, they save lives.

Types of Michigan Background Checks
Michigan Background Investigations & Background Checks

Most Michigan background checks consist of a credit history and criminal history. Paying attention to the laws that surround background checks is very important. Pre- Employment background checks can be pretty easy to perform, depending on the company that is hiring. Employers are able to check the applicant’s identity, past employment history, criminal history, any training education, precise credit rating, driving record and civil judgment status. Many companies suffer at the expense of applicants that were hired with no Michigan background check. These applicants may or may not commit another crime or repeat a bad job performance, but if you do not run a Michigan background check, you are liable. In the court of law, employers must take the repercussions of not doing a Michigan background check. It only takes a short time to have a Michigan background investigation performed on a potential employee, don’t risk your company’s reputation by skipping over a key step in the hiring process. Lakeside Investigations will help you through this process and perform any type of Michigan background investigation that you feel is required. Call us and we will begin steps in helping you protect your company.

Many people use Michigan background investigations for many other reasons. The process of hiring a nanny to watch over your children while you are at work has grown increasingly popular. Michigan background investigations are available for these parents. Parents have a huge sense of relief knowing that their new nanny has passed a criminal background check. Other reasons to perform a background check include maid services and perhaps a tutor for your child. A very popular reason for background checks is relationships. The option to do a criminal background check on a potential soul mate has blossomed in the recent years. Individuals enjoy the opportunity to find out background information on a dating prospect before getting in to deep. Our company offers this option and recommends’ it 100%.

Our Background Services

Lakeside Investigations offers an array of background checks. We will search high and low to find all of the information you need to gain the confidence you need to hire an employee, nanny, etc. Background checks are highly effective and we want to help you begin the process of performing full background checks. There are specific techniques and rules that you must follow when performing background checks and Lakeside Investigations are up-to-date with all of these rules.

It is easy to sign online and find a site that is willing to sell you a background check for little to no money. These online companies promise to include criminal, credit, address, employment and much more. These sites often trick you into entering your credit card information and only supply you with part of the information promised. A lot of times in order to view the full information that was guaranteed, you must purchase some type of membership. The information that you are finally given, still may not end up to be what you thought it would.

 Michigan Background Investigations & Background Checks Our company works hard to supply with you complete background checks. Our prices are affordable and the information we supply you with after the background check is the entire investigative report, noting all the information you requested. You will receive everything you asked for as long as it is possible. There is no reason to hire potential disasters, when you can call Lakeside Investigations for a full comprehensive background check. These background investigations will save you time and money. Don’t start dating someone without first checking their history. Hiding secrets is very easy for criminals and without knowing, you could be swept away before you know the truth. Relationships are complicated enough without starting out on the wrong foot.

Lakeside Investigations understands the need to feel confident with your choices in employees. Hiring an employee without doing a background check is harmful to your company. Once the new employee surpasses their probationary period, it is very hard to back step and perform a background check. Sure, you can fire them, but after spending the money to hire, train and then fire them, is it worth not doing a background investigation.

Don’t sit around wondering if your neighbor has committed a crime, give us a call and we will perform a thorough background investigation to help you sleep more soundly at night. Is your daughter dating someone you don’t approve of, we can check many aspects of his background and provide you with information to help prove to your daughter, that you are right about the situation. Background investigations solve many problems before they start. Call Lakeside Investigations and we will begin your background investigation right away. We understand the urgency of background checks and will work night and day to provide you with the information you need as soon as possible. Call us today and we will discuss all of the possibilities and reasons for background investigations. We are here to help you and care about your satisfaction.

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