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Computer Forensics Investigations in MichiganIn the world of technology, investigators are able to use forensic information found on computers as legal evidence. Digital forensics has helped investigators to crack some of the toughest cases in court. At Lakeside Investigations we use the latest technology to produce computer forensic information that will benefit our clients. Whether you are seeking information for a criminal case or seeking information to prove an employee is abusing their computer privileges, we are dedicated in finding what you need to pursue your case. Computer hackers are a huge problem in today’s society and we want to get to the bottom of these dreadful intrusions. We will find the gateway that allowed these intruders to gain access to your computer and help you take preventive measures, to make sure this will not happen again.

Computer forensic investigations in Michigan are the wave of the future allowing investigators to collect damaging evidence against perpetrators. In today’s world, it is strange for someone not to own a computer or some type of digital device. Many people do not realize all of the incriminating evidence they are storing in their computer, we do and will work hard to retrieve it. We will find this information and investigate it to the fullest extent.

Computer Forensic Evidence

Investigators use computer forensics to describe the nature of a digital artifact. Digital artifacts can include a computer system, a storage media for example, a CD ROM, hard disk or SD card, e-mail messages and JPEG images. Investigators may also use a series of packets that can be found on networks. Using computer forensic evidence can help to prove persons guilt not only by the information that is found, but the evidence can help to put together a sequence of events and the order in which they happened. Criminal cases have used the technology of computers to crack cases of every nature.

Unfortunately, computer intrusions are very common and with the massive amount of anti-virus software available, you would think this problem would be easily resolved. Information is constantly stolen from open networks some way or the other and we are here to find out how access was gained and prevent it. The corporate world suffers from stolen business information all the time, due to private documents being shared with competitors. There is no reason your company should take a fall because someone has broken into your system. Our company will work long hours to find the source of this problem and evidence to prove their theft.

How to Gain Access to Computer Forensics

Investigators must take caution when performing a computer forensic investigation in Michigan, especially if the evidence is to be used in a court of law. Perhaps the most important measure to follow is to accurately collect the evidence and make sure that there is a clear chain of custody from the scene, from crime to investigator. There are five basic steps of obtaining forensic evidence which are preparation, collection of the data, examination, analysis and reporting. All investigators must be professionally trained to obtain forensic evidence and follow these steps at all times.

Computer Forensics InvestigatorLakeside Investigations understands the importance of forensic evidence and we want to help you find the information you need to state your case. Our professional investigators know how to use their knowledge to obtain information from sources including USB memory devices and many other commonly known digital devices. Other sources of computer forensic evidence come from black boxes inside cars, WebPages and many other sources that individuals would not think possible.

Lakeside Investigations wants to help you and we have investigators that are trained specifically in the computer forensic field that will work to their fullest potential in collecting data. We care about our clients and want them to have complete confidence in our company. We only work with the most up-to-date equipment and are familiar with many software programs, no matter what device we are gathering information from. Lakeside makes sure that we have any type of consent we may need to proceed with collecting evidence from a computer or other electronic device. Many times this consent may consist in actively requesting a search warrant.

We understand the need for forensic evidence at Lakeside Investigations. Employee internet abuse, criminal cases, deception cases, and industrial espionage has caused many people to seek some type of hard evidence to produce proof of such acts. We collect the evidence very carefully and then preserve it for your use in your particular case. The handling of computer forensic evidence is very important. Once this information has reached the courts, it must be in the same condition as it was in the beginning of the investigation. Our investigators take every precaution necessary to maintain the preservation of your evidence.

Computer Forensics Investigations in MichiganWith competitive prices and such a well-trained staff, you will be completely satisfied with our services. Highly skilled, our investigators will uncover every piece of forensic evidence you need. Computer forensic investigators must be knowledgeable of the computers construction as well as the complete process of data recovery. In many instances, people have tried to erase their files, but our skilled staff can recover this information. Our team will work day and night to recover lost data. We strive on success and will not leave any stone unturned. If this evidence is somewhere on your computer or other device, we will find it.

Computers are everywhere and unfortunately so are criminals. If you need a top-notch investigative service to find computer forensic information using every means possible, then you have found them. Lakeside Investigations prides itself on top-quality investigating. Not only do we employ the most knowledgeable and intuitive staff, we offer you services at prices that are affordable. You will no longer have to suffer with disobedient employees spending more time pursuing the internet than doing their job. Criminals will be prosecuted with forensic evidence they thought was long gone. Our services are simply the best services available in this field of investigating. Call us for an estimate and we will start your case immediately. We understand your need for forensic evidence and we want to assist you in getting the justice you deserve.


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